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Supper Club

Join our Supper Club

You don’t have to pay to be a member of this club, but you might have to make a reservation or two!

Ginger and Soul’s Supper Club is simple. On a handful of evenings throughout the year, we invite you to dine, Ginger and Soul’s chefs pull out all the stops and serve a group of guests an exclusive meal carefully paired with premium wine.

Our Dinners are intimate and carefully planned which is why we only have a limited number of seats available per dinner. Locations vary, from intimate outdoor settings, to elegant halls.  Meals include wine pairings and are usually 4 – 5 course meals sourced mostly from local producers.  We only release a small number of tickets each month, so Sign up to receive our monthly e-invites, so you can learn where and when we are hosting our next Supper Club!

We invite you to take a seat at our table and celebrate what is so dear to us.
Join us for favorite seasonal meals sourced mostly from local producers. Reservations are required for supper club!

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